Trend Warnings - Water and Feed

12-month FREE TRIAL

Twelve-month free trial

This version is only available for European broiler producers with SKOV systems.

Trend Warnings keeps an eye on your production.

Your water and feed consumption are continuously compared with what is expected in an optimal situation.

If any deviation is found to be an early sign of problems in the coming days, a warning is sent to you via email so that you can react.

Suggestions will guide you to optimal performance.

12-month FREE TRIAL

What is it?

  • It is your online poultry expert that helps you keep an eye on your production day and night
  • Trend Warnings ensures top performance for each batch because it adapts to each batch as no batches are alike (no usage of a standard reference)
  • It calculates a new reference for each batch
  • An automated service that saves you the time you usually spent on manually calculating what the performance (feed and water intake) should be for each batch
  • Ongoing high performance
    • (Production) - Any small deviation from the optimal can result in reduced weight gain, reduced feed efficiency, and mortality
    • The sooner you can detect a coming problem, the better you can react and avoid potential losses

How does it work?

  • Transfer of production and climate data from the SKOV controllers in your broiler houses to your local farm PC with a SKOV FarmOnline Explorer license installed (online 24/7)
  • When accepting to share FarmOnline Explorer data with SKOV, we analyze the data and prepare value-added services for you
  • Sends you warnings in the form of messages with a warning reason and suggestions on how to reach optimal performance
  • You enter the website, and you can follow the latest climate developments and the recorded warnings


Get the latest FarmOnline Explorer version here:

Link to the FREE download on the SKOV Support Portal

Video presenting Trend Warnings

Trend Warnings

More Information
More information

Deadline for getting 12 months free trial is July 1st. 2020

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