Slaughter Weight

12-month FREE TRIAL

Twelve-month free trial

Slaughter Weight Prediction - single cut.

This first version is developed for North European broiler producers with SKOV systems.

Based on knowledge about the slaughter weight data of the past few batches this self-learning service becomes an expert in predicting your future slaughter weight.

This improves the opportunity of getting a profitable production based on more and higher rewards being paid by the slaughter house or lower penalties being issued.

12-month FREE TRIAL

What is it?

Slaughter Weight Prediction is an automated service that helps to predict the future slaughter weight.

It is a very intelligent service that bases its predictions on input about your past production history and the ongoing production. It is like having a broiler expert giving you a prediction suggestion, that is more accurate than your own prediction.

More and more slaughter plants require an estimate of the coming slaughter weight 1 to 5 days before the actual slaughter date. A highly accurate prediction results in a bonus payment. Quite often a large difference between the actual and the predicted slaughter weight  results in a penalty.

The automated service looks at many aspects to prepare accurate predictions among those are transport time to the slaughter plant and catching time etc.

With this service you can as broiler producer save time on making manual calculations as preparation for slaughter weight prediction.

How does it work?

The Slaughter Weight Prediction service is based on transferring production data from the SKOV controllers in your broiler houses to your local farm PC with a SKOV FarmOnline license installed.

The latest FarmOnline software version (it is for free!) facilitates the transfer of the data to the SKOV cloud, but only if you approve of this data transfer.

Get the latest FarmOnline version here:

Link to the free download on the SKOV Support Portal

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Deadline for getting 12 months free trial is July 1st. 2020