Benchmarking Free

Episcope benchmarks your performance against other SKOV broiler producers in your country in an anonymized way.

See how you are performing on selected production and climate parameters and make an apple to apple comparison. (only in the Pro version).

These valuable insights give you a basis for optimizing your production.


What is it

Benchmarking is a service for conventional broiler producers with SKOV climate and production systems. It enables you to benchmark your performance to industry best in an anonymous way.  

The difference between being okay or great at what you do becomes evident.

It also shows you if your SKOV system is utilized to its full potential.

SKOV developed this new benchmarking service because we want to improve the industry productivity.


How does it work

The benchmarking service is based on transferring production and climate data from the SKOV controllers in your broiler houses to your local farm PC with a SKOV FarmOnline license installed. The latest FarmOnline software version facilitates the transfer of the data to the SKOV cloud, but only if you approve of this data transfer.

Get the latest FarmOnline version here:

Link to the free download on the SKOV Support Portal

  Video showing the benchmarking service

More Information
More information

Read even more about Broiler Benchmarking here: